STINT L6 Pickup

Maintenance of the city center.

The Stint Pickup is a light electric vehicle, developed with and for municipalities and has many applications. Consider waste collection, landscaping and maintenance of the car-free city center. The Stint has a range of 42 or 84 km and a loading capacity of 250 kg.

Create a mobile workplace with machines or tools.

The loading space fits a Euro pallet on which you can attach machines. For example for window cleaning. The tailgate ensures easy loading and unloading of goods. The Stint is also very suitable for work on private property. For example, for housekeeping at holiday parks or internal transport in a large warehouse. Also consider work in a pedestrian area, where the speed must be limited to 6 km/h. Do you have doubts about which Pickup model suits your work? We would like to get in touch with you to discuss the possibilities.

The Stint Pickup L6 has received European approval and is allowed to drive on public roads: European type-approval applies to the Stint Pickup L6 according to Regulation (EU) No. 168/2013 as vehicle type L6e-BU: Light quadri-mobile for utility purposes.

Drivers are required to have a minimum AM or B driver’s license. The L6 Stint has a moped license plate and is considered a moped. The place on the road is the cycle path. In some municipalities, moped riders are obliged to ride on the roadway when so indicated Wearing an approved helmet is mandatory on the L6 Stint.

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