In Belgium, the CE Pickup legally falls under the legislation on locomotion equipment  or Voortbewegingstoestellen and may drive on public roads under that legislation. No driver’s license is required and helmets are not required. This Pickup, like other vehicles, must be insured (Civil Liability).


The Stint has compact dimensions so that other road users are not hindered. In this way, the Stint contributes to safe traffic situations around schools and in the city center.

In order to participate safely in traffic, the design of the vehicles has taken the following aspects into account:

> Equipped with front and rear lighting, hazard lights, direction indicators and a horn as standard.
> Equipped with a parking brake (handbrake) to prevent the vehicle from rolling away.
> Equipped with an emergency stop switch to interrupt the power supply to the engine, causing the vehicle to brake in a controlled manner.
> Equipped with two independently operating braking systems. Mechanical drum brakes on the rear axle and hydraulic disc brakes on the front axle.
> Equipped with driver detection on the standing platform to ensure that the vehicle cannot drive without a driver.
> Equipped with a communication box in which, among other things, the temperature, GPS location and acceleration are recorded.
> Drive at a maximum speed of 17.2 km/h.
> Allowed to ride on the cycle path.
> Stable road holding thanks to four wheels.
> Robust bodywork.
> Choice of 105Ah and 210Ah with an autonomy of respectively 40 and 80km per charge
> The driver has a good overview of the road and the goods.

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