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EVpro presents the Stints at the opening of ABEE’s HQ in Ninove

Manus tests the Stint Pickup in Antwerp

Manus tests the Stint Pickup in Brussels

Manus tests the Stint Pickup in Mechelen

Stint Pick-up and the new Stint Cargo at Transport & Logistics in Antwerp

EVpro is present at the Zero Emission Experience 2023

Commune of Schoten rents two Stint Pickups for trials

Two Stint Pickups delivered to City of Ghent

Stint Pickup and Cargo in première at the eMobility Day at Wieze

Première of the Stint Pickup and Cargo with european L6e homologation at the BROVER Experience Center

A series of modified and customised version were also on show

Stint Pick-up delivered to Kliniek Sint-Jozef in Pittem

STINT is offered via

“The electrification of the vehicle fleet is gaining momentum. This website is therefore not simply called ‘Gestroomd’. This purchasing platform for sustainable vehicles is an initiative of all Flemish Regional Intermunicipalities and has 2 goals: On the one hand, local authorities are relieved by giving them access to the sustainable vehicle market in a simple and clear manner. On the other hand, these purchases can be made at significant discounts. This allows local authorities to easily implement the concept of sustainable transport and fulfill the exemplary role they have in the fight against global warming.”

EVpro visits GMR gladheidbestrijding

City of Antwerp rents a Stint CE Pickup for a 6 months trial

City of Geel tests the  Stint CE Pickup

TiBi in Charleroi tests the Stint CE Pickup