The Stint Cargo is now also available as a ‘propulsion appliance’ or mobiliser:

In Belgium, the CE Cargo legally falls under the law on locomotion equipment  or Voortbewegingstoestellen and is allowed to drive on public roads under those regulations.

No driving licence is required and no helmet obligation applies.

This version of the Cargo needs to be BA insured (Civil Liability) like other vehicles.

This version has no saddle and the top speed is limited to 17.3km/h. So you fall under the same regulations as bicycles but also mono-wheels, scooters and mobilisers.

Developed for use in densely populated urban areas. Versatile and very suitable for parcel delivery in the Last Mile. With a range of 40 or 80 km, the battery has enough power for long routes with many stops. With a load capacity of 250 kg, there are countless activities the Stint Cargo can support.

Create a mobile workplace with machines or tools:

With a mobile power supply and built-in tools, everything is on hand for service or maintenance work in the city centre, for example. The wing doors provide quick and easy access to the cargo space and can be opened from both sides.

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